EPISODE 294: 1999

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  1. Rene says:

    I know it’s not practical, but dear god I’d love a 4 hour podcast every week. Thanks for making half my workday fly by!

  2. I feel that you should have mentioned that Gene Siskel died early in 1999. Growing up in the 90s, Siskel & Ebert was probably your first exposure to film criticism. I remember hearing that and how it really saddened me.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      This was actually on my list of things I wanted to mention and it just got away from me.

      – David

      • I was also surprised by the amount of discussion around Mystery Men. I too actually saw that in the theater. (and is actually playing on Comedy Central as I type this) It is funny how it was a parody of the superhero movies made before the superhero boom. It is also the root of one of my favorite jokes by Jeff Ross.

        “Gene Siskel was going to review that movie but he got out of it the easy way.”

        Sometimes I think about how he made a career out of watching movies and missed all the notable films of that year.

  3. arjay says:

    This podcast took longer to get to Magnolia than Magnolia is. In fact, my favourite part of Magnolia is about ten minutes in, after the opening portion, when Ricky Jay says “Let’s get into it shall we”

  4. Rick Vance says:

    The fact that people still quote Tyler Durden unironically to me means the dark satirical bent of Fight Club is still alive and strong.

    I feel that is a movie that needs to be seen a first time, and then a second time removed from the first time where the movie reveals itself as a intensely funny sharp satire.

    Oh and the car crash makes my stomach drop every single time.

  5. A while back there was talk about maybe doing some episodes (I think you were thinking profile episodes) about specific movie years. I think this episode proves that a good idea.

  6. Scott Nye says:

    Paul Thomas Anderson is a great example of why the question, “but what is the filmmaker trying to SAY?” is kind of empty. There’s so much he just fundamentally needs to express to worry about what philosophical/political/social/WHATEVER “point” it all “adds up to.” Which is precisely what art should be. “Interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon art,” as Susan Sontag said.

    Looking at the list of 2007 films I saw, I came up with a solid fifty that are on some level great, very solid, or exceptional in that batshit-crazy-expressive way (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, anyone? Absolutely).

  7. I know you misspoke, but could you imagine if Jim Jarmusch directed MYSTERY MEN? Oh boy.

  8. Steven says:

    Thought David would find this interesting, considering the Skyfall talk in this episode and his review of Lawless.


  9. I do think 1999 is a great year, but I think I prefer 1994, and I had to watch all these films retrospectively as I was born that year. You have: Hoop Dreams, Three Colours: Red, Pulp Fiction, Chungking Express, Muriel’s Wedding, Crumb, Through the Olive Trees, Heavenly Creatures, Clerks, The Lion King, Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Shawshank Redemption. That’s just my opinion though…

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Yeah, great year. You’ve also got Quiz Show, To Live, Speed, Ed Wood, Leon: The Professional, Exotica, Shallow Grave, Serial Mom, The Hudsucker Proxy, Mrs. Parker & the Vicious Circle and one of my all-time favorite movies, Wild Reeds.

      – David

  10. Jordan Lebrecht says:

    Great to hear you three talk about 1999. Just have two films that I love that you didn’t talk about:

    1) American Movie – probably my favorite film from that year and a favorite documentary of mine. Saw this back in college and it really influenced me and got me interested in documentaries.

    2) Limbo – one of John Salyes’ best if not his best. Just a great story, well written and a great performance by David Strathairn.

  11. Daniel C says:

    Oh man. I really liked that episode.

  12. Davide Perretta says:

    Epic! Great episode. Loved all the impressions 🙂 Cool guest!

    I agree with you guys on most movies. I’m very happy to hear Tyler’s a fan of Sofia Coppola 😀

    Have you guys seen Gregg Araki’s Splendor (1999)? I feel that he’s a very underrated filmmaker and that’s one of his best films.

    Overall my favorite 1999 film is Being John Malkovich.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I have not seen Splendor but I’m a fan of Gregg Araki. Tyler less so.

      – David

      • Davide Coppola says:

        Nice!! 😀
        Thanks for the reply 🙂
        Uh, I hope you like Splendor if you seek it out, would love to hear your thoughts on it. So Tyler’s not a fan huh? Well, for some reason I thought so, don’t know why I just did..

      • Battleship Pretension says:

        Hey, jerks! I love MYSTERIOUS SKIN and I believe I’ve stated so on the show. Does that get me nothing?

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