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  1. alex says:

    It’s always a pleasure to have Pat Healy and Tobo on the show. I’m always surprised with how frank the two of them talk about Hollywood (particularly Tobolowsky talking about the Mindy Project). There were laughs, there were cries, there were snickerdoodles. Congratulations on 300 episodes!

  2. Scott M says:

    One of my favorite eps ever of Battleship Prentension, two of my favorite guests and I love it when you guys sort of abandon the format and just have a great, long, movie-related discussion with all the fun tangents that ensue. Hoping for 300 more!

  3. Davide Perretta says:

    Congrats on 300 and such awesome guests!! I love them whenever they’re in movies and they seem like the nicest people too 🙂

    It was great to hear Lolita mentioned, it’s one of my favorite films! Also, good to hear you liked Killing Them Softly, Tyler, it makes me think that I will like it too. Listening to your podcasts I noticed that I agree with you on a lot of movies.. I can’t wait to talk to you in person 😀

  4. Sarah Brinks says:

    Great episode guys, I finally caught up after the holidays! I was so excited to hear two of my favorite guests. They both have such fascinating insights into film and television and the industry in general. Also thanks for the great recommendations, I can’t wait to see American Scream!

  5. Nathan Johnson says:

    Arbitrary milestone reached! Huzzah!

    But seriously, thanks for well over 300 hours of audio entertainment and insight. I’m positively hooked.

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