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  1. antho42 says:

    As far as my reaction towards Casa De Mi Padre goes, if it was not for Paranormal Activity 4, I thought it was the biggest pile of bull I have seen in years. I have to admit that Spanish is my first language and I am somewhat well verse with Mexican telenovelas, so maybe my viewing experience was somewhat going against what the creative team behind the film were striving for. Nevertheless, it was a painful viewing experience; it was so painful to watch. At best, it would probably worked as a short Youtube sketch, and even in that scenario, I reckon it would still would not have been a pleasant viewing experience. Seriously, I hate this film!

  2. Sarah Brinks says:

    My two favorite lines from the episode:
    “Nobody goes to see a movie for the wonderful carpentry” and “He doesn’t overstay his welcome, a minute and a half, OUT!”

    I both love the Oscars and am disappointed by the Oscars every year for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. I do miss the songs and the clapping during the “In Memorial”. I have little to no hope for Seth Macfarlane but I still love movies so I will still watch the Oscars. Sigh.

  3. Knives Monroe says:

    I want to say Tyler said that there has never been an animated feature that has won best feature.
    Beauty and the Beast.

  4. Miguel says:

    A little behind on the podcasts, and two things, Stefon’s first appearance was in a sketch where he played Ben Affleck’s brother/screenwriting partner in a Hollywood pitch meeting. It at least give a bit of backstory/character for his later weekend updates. I tried to find a better link on hulu or youtube but the only link I have is this one:


    Also – I love that Sopranos episode “Luxury Lounge” that you two discussed in this podcast. You probably already know this but Matthew Weiner wrote it and he has a great commentary on the season 6A DVD for this episode.

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