EPISODE 305: with special guest JULIAN McCULLOUGH

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11 Responses

  1. Davide says:

    The Fall (2006) with Lee Pace! 😀 I love that one, so beautiful everyone should see it, so stunning (and without CGI)

    • Patrick says:

      Davide beat me to it. For the record, I hated The Fall at the time. All flash, no substance.

      • Davide says:

        🙂 I see, well it’s not for everyone..

        By the way I love “movies about movies” some of my favorite films fall in that category: Inland Empire, Sunset Blvd. and The White Sheik.

      • Nathan Johnson says:

        “All flash, no substance.”

        I hear that a lot, but the truth is that the substance is just beneath the surface. Watch it again, look for the subtext, and you may come to the same conclusions I did.

        It’s a beautiful film, both inside and out.

        • Davide says:

          This is true, people tend to dismiss directors like Tarsem as superficial, but that’s just too easy! I also think he’s a very likable guy watching interviews, but that’s beside the point..

          Some people just don’t like movies that have this aesthetic and are turned off by them. I know it’s weird, but as we know beauty is very subjective..

  2. Patrick says:

    59:26 – Mark Zuckerberg is the new Gatsby.
    1:11:00 – Intolerable Cruelty is really underrated. Glad to see someone else stand up for it.

  3. Nathan Johnson says:

    “Francis” is not an actual nerd–he’s a nerdy character played by video blogger Boogie2988:


    I do agree it is hilarious, though. 🙂

  4. Amber Bowyer says:

    I cannot believe you guys have not seen The Fall! It’s a favorite of mine. I love to assign it to my students when they have to write about narrative design because the phenomenal visuals are so distracting but really it’s an amazing story about cinematic storytelling and spectacle that unfolds in a very creative way. The key is the fact that Lee Pace’s character (Lee “the face” Pace, who is so fucking fierce) is not a soldier as Julian suggested, but a stuntman … a useless injured stuntman. In early cinema.

  5. Anthony K in LA says:

    It has to be Tarsem Singh’s The Fall that Julian is thinking of; with Lee Pace. Someone else posted this above.

  6. Sarah Brinks says:

    So frustrating to be sitting in my cubicle at work whispering to my iPhone “The Fall… it’s The Fall!”

    I love that movie maybe more then is healthy! LOVE IT!

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