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  1. Seth H. says:

    AMY NICHOLSON! I love her!

  2. RabbitPulledSled says:

    Oh come on, Hobbit wasn’t as good as the other middle earth movies, and AFR was irritating, but its nowhere near being worth trying to talk people out of liking. It’s a good good movie

    • Nick Smith says:

      Bingo. I don’t think any movie is bad enough to try to talk people out of liking it. Because that makes us dicks. Here’s one thing we should keep in mind about people who like movies (or books or food or whatever) that we don’t: They’re not wrong.

  3. Alysha Brady says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just listened and heard another topic inside your conversation that I would like to request/recommend. I haven’t seen The Paperboy yet, but from you discussion, it sounds like John Cusak is really going for it by taking a part that’s so against type. Even though Tyler didn’t seem to respond to that, I always think it’s interesting when that happens. I know you touched on this some when you did your podcast about casting against type, but I would love to hear about roles and characters where the actor is really committing and putting him (or her)self out there, including both when it is successful and when it’s a failure.

    Thanks, great discussion as always.


  4. Aaron McMahon says:

    At an advance preview for Beasts of the Southern Wild, this middle-aged man who I guess fancies himself as a Hollywood agent turned to his friends at the end of the movie and said “Marketing nightmare!”. Ugn

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