EPISODE 323: with special guest DEVIN FARACI

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  1. Guy who left a comment says:

    Another episode without Tyler? Hmmm. Ya, I think we’ve all learned our lesson by now …… pass. Speaking of that,though, is it possible to get future episodes with YOUR speaking portions removed, Dave? I find your opinions utterly worthless in every sense of the word (nothing personal), and would love an easy way to bypass them entirely.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Hey. Tyler here.
      So, I told myself that I wouldn’t engage with you, but I just can’t seem to help myself. I’m sure I will regret it in the morning.
      So, to go back to your original comments, it started with something reasonable. You said that Fadem and David were constantly talking over each other and that you were bothered by that. That is a legitimate critique and one that you are welcome to make.
      After that, you commented that the show is unlistenable without me. While it’s always nice to hear that I am vital to the show, the comment itself was unnecessary and unhelpful. Basically, you were saying, “Bring Tyler back.” But, of course, there was never the possibility that I wasn’t coming back. You knew that I would be gone for the month of April. This was not a possible format change, in which the listeners were welcome to weigh in on. If you didn’t like Tyler-less episodes, then you simply had to wait April out and the show would be back to what you wanted it to be.
      So, when David or other listeners get upset with you, please don’t act as though you are merely “playing the part.” You were frustrated with the episodes, which you are perfectly within your rights to be, and chose to take that frustration out on David, in a public forum. If you want to do that, fine. I don’t think it’s helpful, but fine. But, please, let’s not act like you were offering up constructive criticism. You were venting, plain and simple.
      In the ensuing conversation, you lashed out, which can be understandable when somebody is calling you a douchebag. However, as you were lashing out, you went further than I would wager you wanted to go. In an effort to hurt David, you wound up essentially bashing any man that has ever gone to therapy. Incidentally, that includes me.
      There are so many problems with that attitude that it boggles the mind. People need help from time to time. It could be opening up to a friend, or it could mean opening up to a therapist. Either way, a place where you can speak about what you’re really thinking and feeling, without having to worry about offending the other person or breaking social norms, can be invaluable. I know that it has for me, who is always worried about people not liking me.
      For you to say that a real man just deals with his feelings is not only ignorant; it can be downright damaging. You never know what somebody else is going through, or has been through. So, to demand that everybody go through life exactly as you have, heedless of who they are as people, is narrow-minded and idiotic.
      Hosting a podcast is surprisingly difficult. I know that sounds like a silly thing to say, but it’s true. Though David and I regularly go on tangents and it seems like the show is very fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, we actually put a lot of work into it. You can’t have any dead air; you always have to have something- a question or a comment- ready.
      Having a co-host helps this tremendously. A co-host can chime in when you’re starting to run out of steam and start a whole new part of the conversation. There are times when I’m talking to a guest and I have a slight panic attack, because I realize that I don’t immediately have a follow-up question. Then, as if he knows what I’m thinking, David comes in with an observation or question.
      That’s one of the reasons why our dynamic works so well, I think. We are old friends, who are able to read each other’s signals. Doing it alone, or with somebody new, robs you of that confidence and comfort.
      So, when I told David that I was taking April off, I’m sure there was a part of him that got angry. We are a team, after all, and I was leaving him to fend for himself. But, did he object? Did he utter one fucking syllable of protest? No. He was supportive and understanding.
      And he made a go of it, having on people that he felt as comfortable with as possible, so that he could try to maintain the familiar dynamic. I’ve done it in the past when David is gone, having on Jason or Kyle as guest hosts, and it’s very difficult. After six years of doing this with one person, bringing in anybody new, even if only for a week, can be surprisingly taxing. But he did it, because he was committed to keeping the show going while I was gone, and to allowing me to do whatever I needed to do.
      And then you come along and undercut him every step of the way. If you didn’t like the shows without me, fine. It’s understandable, not because David was doing a bad job, but because there is a definite dynamic to the two of us talking. But, once you realized that it wasn’t for you, then maybe you could have just stopped listening for a while.
      But, no. Now you’ve cast yourself as some sort of villain. Our enemy, always waiting in the wings. Of course, you’re not that. You’re just a typical internet troll, spreading negativity and spite everywhere you go. Never looking to engage; only commenting when something doesn’t go the way you think it should.
      You couldn’t even be bothered to give your fucking name. Hell, I would be happy with a screen name, at this point. But to do that would mean putting yourself out there, even if only a little bit. It would mean relating to us as a person.
      But you’re not a person. You’re just a monster.
      So, there. Those are the opinions of the host that you seem to like so much.

  2. Guy who left a comment says:

    I don’t take your comments personally, Tyler. I would defend my friend too if I were in your position.

    I’m glad that you agree that my original critique was somewhat valid. Even if it wasn’t, so what. It was just an opinion; nothing to get worked up over. My second comment was not constructive, I will give you that, but I can hardly be accused of being the first person to vent on an internet forum. That being said, I still did not object to David calling me out on the show the first time. I let it roll right off my back because I probably deserved it. I believe that was on episode 319. You won’t find any comments from me for that episode. Then you guys felt the need to call me names again on episode 320. Once again, nothing from me. Time to let it go at that point, don’t you think? Episode 321 comes along – how many times did you call me a douchebag on that show? I lost count. Now I’m going to say something. Anybody would at that point. A “typical” internet troll would have kept at you guys throughout that whole stretch of episodes, though, so please don’t give me that line of bullshit.

    My criticism of David has little to do with this “dynamic” that you are talking about. My father worked in radio for over 35 years so I’m well aware of how these productions work. I find David hard to take whether you’re there or not. He talks over you and the guests all the fucking time. Hell, I’d bet if I had a dollar for every time you thought to yourself, “gee, I sure wish David would shut the fuck up and let me finish a sentence,” I’d probably be able to buy a nice little island in the South Pacific. I realize that is only my hangup with the show, though. I have felt that way for years now, and I never felt the need to voice my opinion until recently. Call it a moment of weakness. I would have thought that you guys would have thicker skins, though. I can’t be the first person to write something negative about your show.

    The rest of the exchanges are just stupid, grade school banter. You can be overly dramatic about the content of them and try to paint me as a “monster” if you want, but we both know that’s a joke. You guys were being assholes so I decided to return the favor. It’s like you’ve never said something about someone simply to try and get a rise out of them. And what is with you guys and needing to know my name? Who gives a fuck?! You wouldn’t know if I were telling you the truth or not anyway. But here you go ………. drum roll ………… it’s ……………………………Scott. OH MY GOD!!! I AM OUT THERE AND EXPOSED NOW! SHIT!!!!!

    You don’t have to worry about me mucking up your comment section any longer, though. I don’t value your opinion near enough to make me want to sit through what David has to say if I’m being honest with myself. Consider me unsubscribed from the show. I wish you both the best of luck in the future, whether you believe it or not.

  3. BSP Comment Board Pro says:

    Ironic with as often as D&T talk about not caring much for internet trolls that they go straight to the Armond-White-League for this one…

  4. DBF says:

    Happy you got it to work eventhough the sound wasnt that great

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