EPISODE 349: with special guest TODD VanDerWERFF

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4 Responses

  1. Hudsucker says:

    Haven’t finished the episode yet, but just wanted to say that the 350th episode is coming up, so you better start watching Cannonball Run and Lethal Weapon.

  2. Seth H. says:

    The main thing I got out of this episode is a desire to hear more about what David thinks of Nashville.

  3. Scott Nye says:

    Interesting to hear Todd say that the romantic comedy doesn’t work particularly well on television, because, as someone who loves the classical mode of the genre – men and women pitted evenly against each other, hijinks ensue – I think it’s really found a new life on TV as it withers on movie screens. Shows like New Girl, Happy Endings (RIP), The Mindy Project, and Trophy Wife may have a regular cast and continuous stories, but it’s not dissimilar to the old studio system, in which stars played, more or less, the same character over and over again in different scenarios. So where, then, one would say, “Oh, this time William Powell is a down-and-out journalist” or “Hey, Cary Grant’s a pilot!”, now we get Jess’s adventures as a cocktail waitress or Mindy’s stint in Haiti, all the while watching them cycle through one beau after another (not unlike, again, watching stars move from picture to picture, romantic interest to romantic interest). They may have to more directly confront the end of those romances, but there are dozens of movies from the 1930s that require quite a lot of imagination to buy the “ever” part of “happily ever after.”

  4. andyluvsfilms says:

    Just hearing people mention their love for Deadwood fills me with joy.

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