EPISODE 366: with special guest ROB CESTERNINO

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3 Responses

  1. Boothe says:

    Big fan of Rob (and his podcast empire), so this break from movie talk was a treat.

    Towards the end of the show, ‘arcs’ within reality show participants was discussed, and I just wanted to single out John Cochrane (mentioned once or twice during the episode)had a fantastic journey during throughout his two seasons on Survivor. An incompetent player and nervous wreck, to confident strategist, and fully capable challenge competitor; his win was one of the best things to happen during the show’s history.

  2. Hudsucker says:

    Cool interview guys. Despite the fact I’ve never seen Survivor, the conversation was still extremely interesting.

  3. Dan Heaton says:

    Great episode, guys! I’m a big fan of Survivor and Rob Has a Podcast, so it was a fun combination.

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