EPISODE 382: with special guest ERIN GIBSON

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7 Responses

  1. Jared Zammit says:

    As a semi long time listener I have to say it’s CRIMINAL that you guys haven’t had Erin on more often. CRIMINAL! (Great episode)

  2. Boothe says:

    I watched every episode of Sex and the City, AND the first movie. (enjoyed it too)

    No way I was going near that sequel though.

  3. Stooge McSplooge says:

    Hey, I think Tyler mentioned having a Letterboxd account one time. Can’t find it. Link please?

    Actually you if you could link to everyone’s (hosts and guests) letterboxd-s in future episode posts that’d be dope.

    Good podcast also.

  4. Scott Molling says:

    Mark Wahlberg is one day shy of being exactly 10 years older than T.J. Miller. Good call.

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