EPISODE 404: with special guest SAM GREENSPAN

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  1. Scott Nye says:

    Just to stick up for WB a bit, they still include those disclaimers about Looney Tunes being a product of their time, and all those Golden Collections (at least after the first one, which was a pure hits parade) include some of their more offensive entries. WB is the only studio, as far as I can tell, that does not hide from their past, and actively seeks ways to contextualize it.

    Also, for what it’s worth, especially if you live in a major metropolitan area (or, these days, have access to VOD platforms), I doubt there’s a single weekend in which there isn’t a small-to-mid-budget, interesting movie playing, often in more than one theater. It might not have opened that exact weekend, but good stuff is always, always, always playing. If anyone out there feels they face this problem at any point throughout the year, please hit me up on Twitter (@railoftomorrow) and I will throw something your way.

  2. Seth H. says:

    I’m just glad David hates hearing people add shit to “Sweet Caroline” as much as I do.

  3. Beth says:

    I’m listening to this episode now and my previous teenage self cannot let you say Hilary Duff was in “Chasing Liberty.” It was Mandy Moore (and Mathew Goode!), and yes that was the one with the Berlin love parade.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Oh, thanks! Real quick, though, can you remind me of the difference between Mandy Moore and Hilary Duff again?

      – David

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