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  1. Edwin Davies says:

    Tyler’s suggestion of Michael Shannon for Dollarhyde made me think that Garret Dillahunt would have been a good fit for Hannibal. Especially since Dollarhyde’s penchant for secret violence and public insecurity put Dollarhyde in the centre of the Venn diagram between Jack McCall and Francis Wolcott.

    • james says:

      Well-done with Dillahunt. What about Clarke Peters from The Wire as Dollarhyde? He’s a bit older, but I think there’s such an intensity and quietness to his acting on that show.

      • Edwin Davies says:

        I could definitely see that working. I thought of a different Wire actor when fantasy casting: Lance Reddick. Not only does he have a similar physicality to Tom Noonan, I think it’d be cool to see someone who is idebtified with law enforcement figures play someone who is about as far removed from that as possible.

  2. SOTU Truth says:

    Let’s be real, can you even imagine the outrage if Obama said “I’m not gonna give a State of the Union,” or even worse, “I’m gonna give a State of the Union dealing with the real problems we have to face to prevent America’s decline in the future?” He’s not proud of America! He won’t maintain our patriotic presidential traditions!

    Look up Jimmy Carter’s “malaise speech” and what Republicans/conservatives think of a president suggesting maybe you should turn the thermostat down and put on a sweater during an international oil crisis. Until the right-wing half of this country stops punishing people electorally for speaking hard truths about problems we face (sacrifices bigger than just putting yellow magnets on our SUVs to support the troops) no president is gonna be able to give an inspiring and thoughtful State of the Union again.

  3. Ryan says:

    My biggest fear is that the Wet Hot American “TV” show will be in the model of Arrested Development’s fourth season, with only one or two main actors in each episode. That would explain all the guest stars, and would likely be the only way some of these people could have the time to do it.
    As for David’s “facts” about Pitch Perfect. It’s a fact that your views on The Hangover movies, as well as many other comedies, has seriously damaged your credibility re: comedies. It’s another fact that Bring It On was a better movie than Hangover 2 in every conceivable way. 🙂 And Neighbors was funnier than Bring it On.

    Third random thought: I’m with Tyler’s pronunciation of “The BPs” as it follows the model of both the Emmys and the Tonys, with the emphasis on the first syllable.

  4. Andy says:

    If I had a dollar for every time Tyler says, “Here’s the thing”.
    Great episode and I’m looking forward to the BeePees

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