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  1. Stuart says:

    Ploughmans: is a specific type of meal; Always has cheese , bread and some form of pickle now usually in the form of a pickled onion. The parts are unassembled on a plate so they can be combined to eat as some sort of sandwich or small bits at a time.

  2. Ari Gunnar Thorsteinsson says:

    As an international listener I feel the need to point out that the actor you praised in A Walk Among the Tombstones is my countryman, the Icelandic Ólafur Darri Ólafsson.

  3. Philip says:

    Tyler’s horror at the phrase “steamed vagina” was hilarious and the most Hank Hill I think I’ve ever heard from a real person.

    • Andy says:

      So true. This was probably the raunchiest episode of BP I’ve ever heard (Original Recipe – no guests)

      I’ll never be able to look at Colonel Sanders the same way again.

  4. Giovanni says:

    Hey! I’m listening from Italy and my nominations for the film Olympics would be: La grande bellezza (the great beauty); La milgliore offerta (the best offer); Cesare deve morire (ceasar must die).
    P.S: I would have put This must be the place but I don’t know if films of the same director could be nominated in the same time.

  5. Dave From Canada says:

    Dave from Canada here: Toques are great and soccer is called soccer. Also, here is a link to the kind of pickles in a poughmans lunch (my wife was in the UK for a few years), remember how its Heinz 57, this is what the other 57 are like:


  6. Jake says:

    Steamed Vaginas and Bukkake: A BP Retrospective

  7. Ryan says:

    I swear, licking vaginas and bukkake jokes? What’s become of you two? Somehow I blame Paul Gobel.

  8. J. Arilla says:

    Spain here. Making lists now. No Almodóvar, so far.

  9. DBF says:

    The movie olympics sounds like fun at first, but there are about 193 countries in the world (depending on who you ask). To watch one movie from each would be a great task, and 3 from each …and in the end you would not get a clear “best movie” anyway.

    The other part is in the olympics you represent your contry so who does it follow? is “Birdman” a mexican film ? “The Imitation game” norwegian ? The oscars calls the category “Foreign Language Film” so they dont have to think about that.
    Also like in “partical fever” most of the movies is colaborations between countries so you get actors or locations in other contries and get money from that contry.

    The danish awards Bodil (critics) and Robert (movie Academy) usually gives awards to Lars von Trier so Melancholia and Nymphomaniac could be their choices or The Hunt where they accually spreak danish.

  10. J. Arilla says:

    DBF is right.

    Regarding the potentially high number of movies, maybe all film submissions could first be collected in a “previous list” that any BP listener could vote. Then, those most voted among them would be submitted to the BP crew -say, a 10-15 titles “final list”.

    I don’t know if the BP website can support the technology to make something like this easy to handle though.

    (there’s no way I could smuggle a Spanish movie into this final list, unless I can bring Buñuel or Berlanga back from the dead).

    Maybe arranging a classic schedule of eliminatory rounds of matches between two “countries” (represented by one film each), would be easier to manage:
    For every round, both films in every match are briefly presented (a short text), and then, after a week, those who have seen it can vote to decide which film will make it to the next round… and so on until the final.

    A spanish newspaper did something similar with TV shows, and, while it is a very unfair system, it can be a lot of fun…

    (Please, be forgiving about my grammar!)

    • J. Arilla says:

      Oops! I meant: “…those who have seen BOTH MOVIES can vote to decide which film will make it to the next round…”, of course.

  11. Benj D. says:

    I like the idea of the world cup. Would it be a bracket system? So the final four best picture could be 1. USA (Boyhood) vs 4. Poland (Ida) and 2. Mexico (Birdman) vs 3. Russia (Leviathan)

    I like it.

  12. Juhani Kenttä says:

    I’m from Finland and I think we need to start making better movies to participate in this World Cup. If I can choose from the last five years, I’d probably go with the documentary Steam of Life.

  13. Nick S. says:

    Interesting episode, guys, but I do have a small bone to pick, a stapes or phalanx if you will. As a Libertarian I need to point out that we are not anti-vaccine. Some Libertarians–like Rand Paul apparently–oppose the government mandating vaccines while other Libertarians are okay with it to at least some extent.
    Just throwing that out there. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • James says:

      As the ploughman’s issue has been well covered I thought I could bring an international perspective here. Not on the vaccine issue but on Paul’s dismissal of the journalist. We, in the UK, can on up his statement with our Prime Minister David Cameron in a House of Commons telling a female MP to “calm down dear”. The defence is that it is quoting an advert but it was one that had been of the air for some time and was never funny. Moreover it’s a part played in the adverts by Michael Winner. He is now less known for directing Deathwish than for being an over the top patronising representative of the wealthy. Which is the same way large parts of the public view David Cameron himself.
      At least your tactless, middle aged, white man doesn’t hold the highest office in the land.

  14. Ines Leitao says:

    Wow! The Olympics idea is a stuff one, because I have to come to terms with the fact that my country — Portugal — doesn’t have many good films — in fact, when a film is good it is an exception.
    From the last 4 years, I would choose to submit Tabu (2012), Cavalo Dinheiro (2014) e E Agora? Lembra-me (2013).
    And NO Manoel de Oliveira, please.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      What’s wrong with Manoel de Oliveira?

      – David

      • Ines Leitao says:

        I’m sorry. There’s nothing wrong with him — I love “Um Filme Falado” or “Vou para Casa”, for example. I’m being a brat.
        The problem is that Portugal is a very small country and big names tend to suck all the “energy” around them. The best examples of this are Manoel de Oliveira for directors and Amalia Rodrigues for fado singers.
        When reading an article about cinema in Portugal his name usually pops up in the first paragraph.
        Fortunately, Pedro Costa is slowly taking is place. And there are other good directors like Joao Cesar Monteiro, Teresa Villaverde, Joao Canijo, Joao Botelho.

  15. Xibalba says:

    I’ve had Stray Dog on my Imdb watchlist for about six months, heaven knows when it’ll get a release in the UK, my thinking is not terribly soon.

    ps My favourite brekkie is Kellogg’s Frosties, unless im on holiday and then it’s a full english 🙂

  16. Lars says:

    First of all, what’s this NHL World Cup business? There’s a perfectly fine ordinary hockey world cup already!

    Anyway, about the movie Olympics idea, like other commenters above, I think it would be better to treat it like the soccer world cup where the main event is every four years, and in the time between the world cups, there are qualification events.
    Every country may try to qualify, but only the best are competing in the main event. Also, a bracket system seems reasonable for this.

  17. Chris Mosher says:

    Nice to see Love is Strange is Strange get some love but did you find the beginning had some pacing issues that through you off while watching the film.

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