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  1. DBF says:

    After all that its hard to remember it all … i did notice that you cant convince each other to watch a movie apparantly with so many of your top 10s only one of you watched 😛

    it also seems from all the list that its a year with a lot of good movies but not that one or two thats on all the lists (maybe boyhood?)

    I cannot remember if you mentioned Ida, but thats the one of the best movies i saw this year (and its on netflix). Force majure is my nr 2 foreign lauguage film.

    Now to what we eat in Denmark (with help from wiki).

    Smørrebrød: Bread is a very important part of the Scandinavian table, primarily rugbrød, which is sour-dough rye bread. It is a dark, heavy bread.

    2 classic ones:

    Dyrlægens natmad (Danish: Veterinarian’s midnight snack) — On a piece of dark rye bread, a layer of liver pâté (leverpostej), topped with a slice of salt beef (salt kød) and a slice of meat aspic (sky). This is all decorated with raw onion rings

    Marinerede sild, which are pickled herrings (plain, krydret – spiced, or karry – curried), slightly sweeter than Dutch or German herrings on dark rye bread- served with snaps / akvavit and a beer

  2. Xibalba says:

    Loved the episode guys, thanks for such a great effort, definitely gonna check out Timbuktu.

    As for The Babadook,I honestly couldn’t finish it, I really struggle with screeching children, had the same problem with the Dardenne’s Kid With A Bike, it goes right through me.

    Oh and Cheesy Chips is very big in these parts, there are but two ingredients….

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