06-Alejandro_Inarritu_Birdman_gallery_rsIn this episode, Tyler is joined by Jason Eaken and Kyle Anderson to discuss the Academy Awards.

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3 Responses

  1. bob says:

    it’s interesting you guys said what you did about Adam Levine’s song performance. That song is the big plot hinge in that movie – she wrote it for him as a love song. She’s a folksy/ Lisa Loeb type, and her version of the song is very quiet and sweet.

    But he takes the song and produces/sings it like he did at the Oscars and turns it into a huge hit that brings all the teen girl fans out. It pisses her off, and facilitates their breakup. It’s made obvious that him singing the song that way (and not repenting, despite his professed wanting to reconcile) is the *wrong choice* and a mistake.

    So, the fact that Levine sings *that* version of the song at the Oscars was somewhat ironic, and it’s correct that you should hate that song. It was a smart move to put it first – both for the star power (TV ratings!) and because every other nominated song was better.

  2. Aaron B says:

    Agreed Bob. “Begin Again,” while not as good as Carney’s “Once” is still quite good. I was happy to see it nominated, but when I heart this was the song my first reaction was ‘please don’t be Levine’s version.’ Of course they would pick the intentionally douchey take of the song just to bring his star power to the Oscars. The Knightley one is much better, but I really think the nomination should have been for “A Step You Can’t Take Back” or even “Like a Fool.”

  3. Aaron B says:

    Ugh. That typo is really gonna bug me.
    I’ll also say that while I enjoyed the movie a lot, the songs probably work a lot better watching the joy of the characters creating them in the moment.

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