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  1. Juhani Kenttä says:

    I’m sure most of us listeners appreciate longer movies as well as shorter ones but there is certainly something to be said about a great 90 minute film. If a great story is told economically, I often make it a point to begin my praise of it by pointing that out. It’s invigorating to see something like Whiplash or History of Violence because they feel like they don’t waste a second of their runtime.

  2. Arthur Vance says:

    Loved this episode, agreed with most of what was said. The story and execution is the deciding factor, “Pulp Fiction” is three hours of classic entertainment while “Alexander” is three hours and thirty minutes of dull boredom. This article excites me for the new Star Wars film, they address the issue at hand:

  3. Carter says:

    Van Helsing is my go-to movie to illustrate everything I hated about aughts action genre cinema. That movie is so terrible. It turned me off from movies in general for a while, I’m sad to say.

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