wherethesidewalkends.jpg.asIn this episode, Tyler and David are joined by Kristen Sales to talk about film noir.

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  1. bob says:

    your discussion of Ted Cruz’s “fandom” of Rorscharch reminds me of the 2000 campaign. I don’t recall why I was watching Oprah, but Al Gore was the guest, talking about all whatnot (along with Tipper, of course).

    Oprah asked Gore, seemingly out of nowhere, “What’s your favorite movie?” And, without any justification or description, Al just says, “Local Hero.” Oprah had no follow-up questions, and Al offered no description or advocation for the film.

    Local Hero is a small, lovely film from the 1983, starring Burt Lancaster and Boon from Animal House, along with Wedge from Star Wars and our latest Dr Who, in supporting roles.

    It’s not a particularly well-known movie; it’s not on cable much, it didn’t garner any oscar attention, and is more known for its Mark Knopfler score than for shattering the box office. That score is why i watched it the first time, being a Knopfler fan.

    It’s a lovely film about a young oil man coming to the Scotland coast to scout for new oil wells and refineries (?) – essentially trying to convince the townsfolk to sell their beautiful coastline for industrial spoilage.

    In short: it’s about small-town folk vs Big Bad Oil Man.

    Why did Al Gore pick Local Hero for that Oprah soundbite? It’s certainly a convenient pick when the Tennessee native is going against Texas Oilman GW Bush.

    But, it’s entirely possible it’s his favorite movie – it’s a nice little story, everyone involved is relatively nice and kind, and Boon falls in love with the area, ever more reluctant to complete his task. There’s nothing salacious or violent in it, and the cinematography and score are really beautiful.

    So, i guess my point is: man, politicians, right? Can’t we just ignore their pop culture tastes?

  2. Marc says:

    Great episode, made me want to rewatch many old noirs and catch up with some I haven’t seen. Maybe my favorite is one not mentioned: FORCE OF EVIL. Also two by Ophuls: THE RECKLESS MOMENT and CAUGHT, which are often identified as melodramas but certainly have crime elements, especialy THE RECKLESS MOMENT (see also the neo-noir remake THE DEEP END with Tilda Swinton). An interesting odd hybrid is Preston Sturges’ UNFAITHFULLY YOURS. I found the discussions of what makes something noir interesting, generally agreeing with the disputed cases but also wondering about why this classification is important to us, given noir is a critical category not an industry or audience term, at least with the classic noirs (many even argue it is more a style than a genre). Also, if anyone hasn’t checked out the Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir podcast, it is worth a listen.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      The Reckless Moment is great! I saw it at the Siskel Center in Chicago many years ago.

      – David

  3. Betty C says:

    Really good episode. I hate listening to some episodes when I’m driving because I want to take some mother fuckin notes on what to watch next. I think you guys were perfect in saying a lot of people get into old films by watching classic Noir Pictures. I have some suuuuuper stupid friends who hate old movies, but showing them ‘Double Indemnity’ or “The Killing’ gets them excited to see new things. I did have an old professor who once said, ‘Noir isn’t a genre, it was a movement’ and I enjoy how you fellas (and guest) seemed to have similar thoughts. Or maybe you didn’t. Who the heck knows? Thank God Comic con is over.

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