EPISODE 440: artist profile of LILY TOMLIN

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  1. Travis says:

    It’s just a stupid little thing, but I’m always annoyed in Flirting with Disaster when the son of Alda and Tomlin takes his cooking out of the oven without oven mitts on. That aside, thanks for reminding me why I love Tomlin. I last saw her in All of Me, which I not only didn’t like, but found Tomlin very grating in, so I would say not to bother with it, though part of it may be my finding Steve Martin very overrated.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I noticed the lack of oven mitts, too. I thought maybe it was supposed to be illustrative of the fact that Lonnie is a little nuts, maybe?

      – David

  2. Joe says:

    Re. The Straight Outta Compton theater thing: I believe that the increase in police presence was due to what happened for the Boyz n the Hood and New Jack City opening weekends. See a good write up here:http://weminoredinfilm.com/2015/07/27/about-that-time-boyz-n-the-hood-set-off-gang-violence-at-movie-theaters-across-the-country/

    I find that more forgiveable. It’s outdated information, but at least it isn’t strictly because of race, but rather because similar movies incited violence (25 years ago).

    • Dan Roy says:

      A quarter-century ago, right around the same time as the LA Riots when racial tensions and gang activity were very high. That context is hardly relevant anymore.

      Back in 2005 when Stanley Tookie Williams was scheduled to be executed, my employer sent out a company-wide memo warning people about the possibility of riots for people working or travelling in the LA area. This was a cellphone company, *and* it wasn’t a figure like Rodney King being executed, it was a gang leader and double-murderer. I don’t think there is any question those precautions (not unique to that company) were racist, because underlying the concern is the belief that black people are stupid and violent and dangerous because they have nothing to lose. Even now you can practically hear the larger culture holding its breath waiting for the moment when the demonstration in Ferguson or Baltimore turns violent because they consider it inevitable.

  3. Philip says:

    I was thinking at the beginning that y’all should do an episode that’s all the pre-topic talk, but then I remembered that that’s basically every 50th episode.

  4. Ryan says:

    I also saw The Incredible Shrinking Woman at about six or so, and also was creeped out by it. I remember why. It’s the only scene I remember in the whole movie. Maybe it’s the same reason for you.
    There’s a scene where she falls down a kitchen sink, and into where the garbage disposal is. Then some lady comes along and starts dumping food down the disposal, nearly drowning Lily Tomlin. She tries to escape and is screaming and thrashing around in all the food, and then the lady is about to turn on the garbage disposal and grind her up. I honestly don’t remember how it ended, or how she got away, but that scene traumatized me for years. I remember using my parent’s kitchen garbage disposal after that, and worrying about little people down there.

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