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  1. Craig says:

    Great episode!

    This weekend I just watched Francois Truffaut’s SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER for the first time which made me realize one of my own pet themes: when a character doesn’t want to but is FORCED to atone or account for their past. Two recent examples (each of which were my favorite for that year) are A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.

  2. Roy says:

    Maybe I have Stockholm syndrome after listening to the last movie journal, all the BP Slasher commentaries and now this episode over the course of 2 days and change – but I loved this episode. I think it might be the best episode you’ve ever done. The personal, the classic BP highminded take on cinema.

    I just loved it.

  3. Dan Roy says:

    David: NO TALKING, I’m trying to enjoy this big list of names

  4. Scott L says:

    World’s Greatest Sinner is amazing! I got it twice on TCM when they showed it at like 3am a couple times in a six month window.

    So strange. Definitely poorly made (it was shot in order and you’re basically seeing the guy figure out how to do things like light and block scenes and how to edit semi-competently). A total must-see, if you get the chance.

  5. Travis says:

    Tyler, I’d love to hear your thoughts on “Winter Sleep” by Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

    Y’all’s discussion of how some of your favorite movies represent what you FEAR yourself/your life becoming really reminded me of that film. Yes, it IS a bit over 3 hours long, and it takes a while to get going, but OOF. It hits hard.

    It’s one of those movies that makes you question your accomplishments, your pride. It examines the effects of becoming “rigid” as you grow older and how that bolsters your own delusions about your life. It was borderline HORROR, for me (but I have lots of anxiety over “what do I do with my life”).

    Anyways, I’m sure I’ve sold this 194 minute movie extremely well. Hope you check it out.

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