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  1. Steven says:

    Really great episode. I signed up for MoviePass as a function of hearing about it on the podcast and have seen 22 movies since September. One of which was Brooklyn, which I loved; currently my #3 of the year.

    Regarding Letterboxd/the number of movies you’ve seen, I started using Flickchart when I was in college and had more time to build up my base of films seen so now I have a pretty accurate list of how many movies I’ve seen (2,535). What Flickchart does is pit 2 movies against each other and you select which one you like more. You keep doing this and eventually you build up a giant ranked list of all the movies you’ve seen; even if the actual rankings don’t always reflect your true order of favorites. It’s become habit now after seeing a movie to add it to my Flickchart list. I prefer it to Letterboxd because Flickchart auto generates lists so you can see how many films you’ve seen in a given year/by a certain director/Genre/etc. It is all very nerdy but I love it.

    Feel free to check out my Flickchart if it suites your fancy: http://www.flickchart.com/siege121

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