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  1. ED says:

    25% of the acting nominees is 2004 were Black. You know why? The performances were great, and the movies were good. There should never be a call for more diversity, when it flies in the face of honoring quality.

    • aaron says:

      I don’t think anyone is saying that should be the case, but to say there simply weren’t good films or good performances from non-white actors is just silly. There were 4 BP nominations for non-white actors because there were good performances, not to meet some sort of quota.

      From my perspective as a member of a critics group that votes for awards, the call for diversity is mostly about visibility. It’s easy not to seek out films like TANGERINE or CREED or CHI-RAQ because they aren’t getting as big a push from their studios or don’t seem like “award movies.”

  2. Eric says:

    Since you guys brought it up in the episode I would like to cast my vote to not have the “Movie Collection” thing in the show feed. I’m not against the idea but its something I dont intend to use and prefer to not have to keep deleting. I want to stress that I’m not angry or anything. I think Tyler is great. I’m just not into this feature.

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