Run-All-Night-Trailer-645x370In this episode, Tyler and David discuss the great movies you may have missed in 2015.

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  1. Jeff Schroeck says:

    I agree with David about the Super Bowl commercials, and what’s worse and more gross is that the desire to watch them is itself the result of manipulation by the media and/or culture. I don’t think people are naturally excited about commercials, but since they’ve been advertised as a can’t-miss event, suddenly people feel they shouldn’t want to miss them.

  2. Franco says:

    I also agree with David about commercials. I loathe them so much I quit cable ten years ago and only watch movies. (My loss… I know)

    I would go farther, David and say that many of your feelings against commercials I would carry over to most films released by studios.

  3. Franco says:


  4. M. Bromide says:

    Wow. I’m going to have to listen to the rest of this episode later. I’m too distracted after being insulted as a “disgusting” worker in the advertising industry at a pointless evil ad agency.

    I hope you are as critical about the NFL and sports in general. They’re all ONE BIG AD to sell more and more tickets.

    But you’re mostly right, and it is something that I’ve struggled with a lot. What is that line from “Thank You for Smoking”? Something like: a lot has been done in the name of a mortgage. Luckily I work at a two-bit local agency so the damage done to society is minimal.

    Since you kept bringing up Mubi as a good promotion, have you researched Mubi fully? Who owns them, if they even have a parent company? Where are their servers located and who owns them? What company makes the servers? How do they make deals to show the movies they stream?

    Everything has a price and is built on several layer lies.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Lighten up, Francis.

      Of course everything is one big ad and everything has a price. What I’m disgusted about is people getting so goddamned excited about it.

      – David

      • M. Bromide says:

        I would guess it is mostly feigned excitement for non sports watchers to participate in one of the last communal television experiences that is left in the post “pay $5-$20/month for this micro-service or upgrade for $10 more to avoid disgusting ads” world.

  5. Ryan says:

    Listening to David rail against people’s lack of integrity for enjoying commercials combined with Tyler’s gentle pushback was really hilarious. So perfectly David.

    I was all set to be annoyed at Krampus, which seemed like it was going to pull a huge cheat in the final moments, but instead was one of the creepiest endings ever. Loved it.

  6. Steve says:

    Didn’t the movies discussed used to be listed here on the posting for the episode? Wait, I’m thinking of the Movie Journal episodes. Well that would be helpful and much appreciated for list episodes like this too, since I’m not always able to write down the titles that sound good while I’m listening. Not to make more work for you but…yeah. I should get around to watching Kumiko – it’s been sitting there on my Amazon Prime watchlist.

  7. Dave E says:

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about Victoria. I honestly thought it was one of the best movies of the year. I will also say that I, too, have a huge soft spot for Krampus.

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