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  1. Ben H. says:

    As your brother in Christ Tyler I think I need to offer a loving rebuke and point out that instead of the “evolution of Christian film” you probably mean the “Intelligent Design of Christian film.”

  2. Duncan says:

    What is with David’s aversion to Fury Road? Is there something about it he objects to? Is he just been contrary to the mainstream?

    I’m more puzzled than anything, as its one of the biggest and most acclaimed films of the year. You’d think a film critic want to see what all the fuss is about. 🙂

  3. Dan Roy says:

    Maybe it’s the constant pressure to see/worship the movie from all corners of the globe – blog comments included – that make him a little hesitant. Also: he better appreciate the film’s feminist politics, he better!

  4. Lance says:

    Boy what a great episode, with a number of surprises. Most surprising, and I mean this with no disrespect to either party, is for probably the first year I think my own personal top 10 aligns more closely with Tyler’s than with David’s. I think I love STEVE JOBS even more than Tyler does – likely my second favorite movie of the year. Especially within the past year or so I’ve seen myself evolve a lot as a film/art-consumer, probably due to my lovely wife who’s a die-hard classic Hollywood devotee and it’s rubbed off in a big way. I have a new-found appreciation for more conventional genres, narrative/writing/acting-driven films I might have steered further away from in my slightly snobbier (to use a dirty word) days.

    Anyway yes, STEVE JOBS is astounding. And I nearly jumped out of my seat with Tyler championed BONE TOMAHAWK which is an absolutely perfect film, to borrow his appraisal and more people really need to check it out. Additionally, BROOKLYN came out of left field for me and was a film I was rooting for more than most others on Oscar night. Defo top 10. PADDINGTON, MAD MAX, and LOVE & MERCY were other stand-outs for me from Tyler’s list. Good stuff.

    That said, I also cheered for CHI-RAQ on David’s list. I’ve come to a recent epiphany that Spike Lee might be my favorite living American filmmaker, as he’s so extraordinarily consistent and fresh and vital a presence, and I’m truly blown away every time I watch one of his films (Da Sweet Blood of Jesus aside) yet I kind of take him for granted. A recent viewing of my new favorite Spike film, HE GOT GAME might have brought this on, but there’s really been nothing else like Chi-Raq this year. Also pleasantly surprised David is so taken with THE NIGHTMARE, another favorite of mine from 2015. Beautiful film I’ve watched a number of times already. And yes, scary as shit.

    I will say, and this is entirely me going against the grain, I’ve always been enormous fans of both Todd Haynes and especially Hou Hsiao-Hsien, the latter of whom was a de-facto favorite filmmaker of mine a year or two ago. Yet I was severely let down by both CAROL and THE ASSASSIN. I’m sure I’ll come around if I give them each another viewing, but right now they’re maybe among my least favorite films by each respective director. Shame.

    I think I’ve seen enough to narrow down a definitive Top 10 for the year myself now (leaving out so many films, why do we do this to ourselves?)

    1. Creed (talk about perfection)
    2. Steve Jobs
    3. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
    4. Blackhat
    5. Bone Tomahawk
    6. Mad Max: Fury Road
    7. Results
    8. Office
    9. Brooklyn
    10. Chi-Raq

  5. monolith94 says:

    The only film I watched in theaters last year is the one film David seems to refuse to watch? I’m hyper-picky about what I go out to see in the theater, and Fury Road grabbed my attention as something visually novel, a real cinematic experience that I ought not to miss. I do not understand what is holding him back?

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