EPISODE 470: artist profile of JOHN WILLIAMS part 1

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4 Responses

  1. Alexander Miller says:

    I too love the score for Don Siegel’s The Killers, the movie itself is fantastic, and seeing Ronald Reagan getting punched is great on so many levels. Plus, images of Reagan with a gun made for countless great punk rock concert posters in the eighties.

  2. Ben H. says:

    This is a really interesting side a film I’ve never really looked in to. Side note, having never seen West as I listened to the episode I pictured a mix between Wallace Shawn as Vizzini, Jack Black from The Holiday, and the film music version of Comic Book Guy. I will definitely add the tug boat to my list of podcasts.

  3. Kevin Duncan says:

    Great episode, looking forward to the next one. My memories of listening to CEOT3K apart from the film was how terrifying the music was in the early parts of the movie.

  4. Kevin Duncan says:

    Sidenote: *whispers* How creepy does Brian DePalma look, lurking in the background of that pboto!

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