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  1. Dan Roy says:

    Denys Arcand did Decline of the American Empire and The Barbarian Invasions, which are a couple of big deal French-language films from the 80s/00s. They chose you BP. They could have gone to Senses of Cinema or Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule or Girish but they came here. So the fucking must be top notch.

  2. Scott M says:

    I haven’t seen Batman v Superman, mostly because I hate Zack Snyder, but to be fair, they’ll have a ton of movies now where Batman and Superman can work together, so it doesn’t surprise me that they’d want to make one where they fight first.

  3. Scott M says:

    Plus I think Zack Snyder really only wanted to make this movie because he thinks all comic book nerds are the idiots who sit around a coffee shop arguing for hours “who would win in a fight? Batman or Superman?”

  4. Ben H. says:

    Thanks for the good discussion. In the future, anytime the movie being discussed has a billion, bad guy, or anyone of questionable moral character can you just say the Chinatown quote in the opening or right after the sponsors?

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