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  1. rhj says:

    American Psycho, the film, was named for the novel it was based on, a novel published twenty five years ago. Not sure your theory holds in this instance.

  2. Roy den Boer says:

    Internetionally I thought of Divorce Italian Style.

  3. Patrick says:

    Also nice to know considering The Purge has no American in the title: the French title of the Purge films is American Nightmare.

  4. Wood's Hole Oceanographic says:

    I think the rhythm of the four syllables in ‘American’ lends itself to being paired with words of one, two, three or four syllables beautifully to make a pleasing title purely in terms of sound. It’s fun to use dull nouns to fill the chime. American Lawnmower. American Underpants. American Worm.

  5. Ben Hunter says:

    1. Could you please make Tyler’s rants a regular segment on the podcast. You could call them the BP Ty-rade. You can have that for free.

    2. No other countries using their name in their movies? What about “The French Conncec….um..nevermind

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