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  1. João says:

    I’d only seen by accident numbers 2 and 3 on Facebook, so I was pretty sure Marlon Brando was going to be number one. I was very confused when he was announced as 5. I had to stop listening for some minutes and just kept wondering who number one would be, but as soon as we came to number 4, I got it. Makes sense, considering Vertigo has been regarded in such high consideration.

    You know who was not on the list and I believe wasn’t even mentioned on the podcast? Paul Newman. I couldn’t vote for this list as I was away from the connected world at the end of August, but I probably wouldn’t have voted for him either, but I love the guy. Are we seriously underrating him or what?

  2. Steve B. says:

    It was so great to hear Tobo on the podcast! He is right that there were some notable omissions. I think that could only have been avoided by one or both of these changes: a) make the list a little longer; b) ask for longer ranked lists and weight them accordingly. But who am I to question Tyler’s methods? Maybe a list of 25 made off of submissions of 5 gives the best snapshot of the BP listeners, which would be tainted by the above changes. I have my list at Letterboxd, and it is longer so you can see what didn’t make the cut: https://letterboxd.com/strybeck/list/top-actors-and-actresses-of-all-time/detail/

    And if you want another good non-samurai film starring Toshiro Mifune, check out “Scandal.”

  3. Ryan Roach says:

    Stephen Tobolowsky was great on the podcast, glad he was there. He’s a little more focused on “body of work” as being a criteria for judging one’s acting than I am, though. I think in theory someone who did an amazing job on one movie could be on the list.

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