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  1. cm mosher says:

    I have to thank you guys for an early episode where I think Tyler had finished watching Buster Keaton and the description was so hilarious that I was compelled to seek them out. This was my introduction to silent comedies and they are some of my favourite comedies now. Also I discovered the Slashfilm cast through your guest appeareances on that show.

  2. Ian says:

    I just listened to the new episode at work and the clip of you guys talking about Teen Witch had me laughing at loud all over again. Thanks for the memories, guys.

  3. Alexander Miller says:

    Honestly, I am going to watch Cloud Atlas because of David’s recurring praise.

  4. Juhani Kenttä says:

    Hi guys! Your loyal Finnish listener here touching base. I discovered this podcast way back in 2007 when IMDB highlighted your artist profile of George C. Scott on their front page. Ever since that, checking the RSS feed and seeing a new episode uploaded has been a constant highlight of my Mondays. It’s crazy to think that I’ve done that same thing for almost 500 weeks now or to think that I’ve heard the sound of your voices more than almost anybody else in my life. I often go back to old episodes and recently I used your profile episode of Jim Jarmusch as one of my cited sources as I wrote my Bachelor’s Thesis on the themes of cultural interaction and race relations in Ghost Dog. I even use your episodes at a low volume at night to help me get to sleep. (I do use other podcasts too, don’t feel too creeped out.)

    But seriously, I love this podcast and hope to hear 500 more episodes of it. Congratulations on your success and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Battleship Pretension really does mean a lot to me.

  5. Caleb says:

    Wish I had left a voicemail! I remember the first episode I listened to you guys were talking about an iTunes review that said something like “Great discussion, but the hosts aren’t actually pretentious.”

    It took me a while after that to really get into the show. Once I heard Tyler mention the Christian radio drama Adventures in Odyssey I was hooked. I listened to that show religiously (haha) as a kid, and really enjoyed finding a podcast with intellectually stimulating conversation about movies with the occasional faith-based insight. I started listening after Matt and Alison had to end The IFC News Podcast, and you quickly became my favorite.

    One of my favorite “bits” (and again, I forget which episode I first heard it on) was when you guys were talking about movies with titles that can come off as sounding different then they’re intended to. I believe David cited the 1995 legal thriller “Just Cause” as an example of a movie he knows isn’t meant to be said casually but always thinks of being said that way (“Why’d you throw away the salad?” “Just ‘cuz.”) Since then I’ve noticed myself making fun of certain films’ titles in my head (and subsequently confusing myself when talking with others about said titles). For example, even though I know the titular rules in “The Cider House Rules” are a set of restrictions written down and posted inside a house for making apple cider, whenever I think of that title I say it in my head like a little kid excited to go to a cider house: “The Cider House ruuuuules!!”

    Love the show guys!

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