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  1. Caleb says:

    Why does Tyler think The Insider and The Man Who Wasn’t There aren’t on Blu-ray?

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Admittedly, I haven’t checked in a while, and perhaps the elitist film nerd in me assumed that they would get released by a major company.

      • Caleb says:

        They have standard releases from the studios that put them out (Disney and Universal). The Man Who Wasn’t There was released fairly recently, only last year. I agree they’re both worthy of snazzier sets.

  2. Philip says:

    I personally LOVE the Fantasy Oscar Draft talk. Keep it up!

  3. Andrew says:

    MORE Oscar draft talk! I want statistical breakdowns

  4. Franco says:

    Holy cray, guys! I love the Fantasy Awards Season game (FAS). I even had Scott send me a lengthy email a couple years ago that included all the rules.

    Here’s my fantasy:
    Every year you guys have two episodes that revolve around the FAS. Not just top of the show banter. The first one is right after you all have your draft. You have Scott and Eaken and anyone else who is playing, on the show to discuss strategies and projections, etc. Through this game you all can talk about predictions about the awards season.
    Then have a second show when it’s all done where you all discuss the winners and the takeaways from the this “season.” If David wants he can abstain after a couple of years just like he has for the post-Oscars show.
    I also look forward to the spreadsheet and rules etc for next year. I would love to have a BP listener’s FAS draft right here in the comments section.

    Franco (Disco Paco)

  5. Conrado says:

    I’m one of those people who enjoy the fantasy awards league talk.

    More than anything, though, I wholeheartedly agree with David’s insistence that Tyler post the rules for the Fantasy Awards Draft next year!

  6. Wood's Hole Oceanographic says:

    Tyler says at one point that you both exist in a bubble of film nerdery and we all do to some extent but have you really never even heard of Kate Bush? Does America not know what Kate Bush is? She’s been making records since 1979, she holds UK chart records beaten only by Bowie and the Beatles, she’s easily dismissed as a nutcase (she isn’t, obviously) and she loved Powell and Pressburger, met Michael Powell and mentioned it in a song (on an album called The Red Shoes). Also pals with Gilliam. Uncompromomising would be an appropriate word. Female would be another. And you know how much trouble they can be. The only compromise she’s ever made was to change a song title from A Deal With God to Running Up That Hill to secure US radio airplay. Watch the Cloudbusting video if you like. She’s one of the world’s great artists.

  7. Not bored, but I so don’t get what this is at a basic level, that even after you finished talking, I still didn’t have a handle on what it is you’re actually doing. I get the fantasy element, not the ‘draft’ part. I get that there is ‘picking’ or ‘bidding’, but can’t conceive of a system which would involve trades, and why you would want something you didn’t pick. It hurts that this is probably based on something sports people do, and I am not so grouped.

    So I probably *would* find it interesting if I could even get a grasp on it, which means I kind of agree with Franco, but only if you started by explaining what it is in the way you would to a bright, but otherwise uninformed, 10 year old, bypassing any notion of catching up as one goes along. I think I’ve heard about these for three or so years now, and I’m still clueless.

    • Sam Normington says:

      I know they use the term, but I don’t think “trades” are really the accurate term, as in fantasy sports and real sports a trade is from one team to another. I think they are using it to mean that they can get a new pick if they don’t like their old pick. So say it looks like Movie A was a darling so they picked it early, and Movie B wasn’t getting much talk so no one picked it. But then the tides began to change, so they wanted to drop Movie A and put Movie B on their team. They can do that, but must deduct 5 points, to make sure it isn’t constantly changing. You have to pay a price.

  8. Dan Roy says:

    When Eastwood made Million Dollar Baby, he was beloved for aligning himself against Bush. When he made American Sniper, he was hated for confirming that he was a Republican all along. I think one of these is a subtle masterpiece and the other not subtle and not a masterpiece, and it seems like it’s the extratextuals which are screwing everybody else (everybody not me) up.

  9. Regarding The Crow, I think it works in the opposite direction from from that of the subject of this show, though maybe just for me. I think that of Brandon Lee had died filming Rapid Fire after doing The Crow, I would think of it as an “Oh yeah, that’s right,” like I think about John Ritter and the series 8 Simple Rules… or Tyrone Power and the movie Solomon and Sheba. It’s the fact that it’s The Crow that makes his death pointed, rather than his death making The Crow a better film.

    For me The Crow has some weaknesses. Rochelle Davis seemed too self-aware sometimes, Bai Ling was pretty insufferable in her mercifully short amount of screen time, and the then ubiquitous mano a mano conclusion felt perfunctory as a fact of the times, even though it’s well executed. But against that, so much works so well that shouldn’t work well, if at all.

    Brandon Lee gets a lot of subtle things right. Just looking at his scene with Jon Polito would tell you that this is going to go far beyond the standard wounded, angry revenge-man performance it could have been. Anna Levine makes the addict mother believable, both with her daughter and her boyfriend. There is a lot of psychological reality that is simply played into the scene without being underlined. All four of Draven’s targets get beyond their characters’ stereotypes. The music is used, not needle-dropped, as is all that fancy camerawork and editing.

    This is not a B-movie on the level of Jaws, but it’s also not down there with Ninja Terminator, or even Commando. I would put this along side The Road Warrior, if it has to be in that class, but for me, it’s just a really good movie on its own merits. The only reason Lee’s death even occurs to me when I watch it is that I can see how he could have come to be known as quite an actor he might have become if he’d played things like, say, Kevin Bacon’s character in Apollo 13, Nicholson’s neighbor in As Good As It Gets, Wahlberg’s character in Three Kings, one of the Elves in Lord of the Rings maybe, then the lead in Avatar, something like that kind of a career trajectory. I think he would have fit those films well, and he would have brought a lot of humanity to those characters (as some of their real players did).

    Anyway, The Crow.

    By the way, Tyler’s dead right about Dances With Wolves.

  10. Sam Normington says:

    Despite being heavily involved in multiple fantasy sports I started out assuming I wouldn’t like the fantasy talk, but ended up loving it. I would love to see how the game is actually done, the rules, the draft, etc. For now I am trying to talk a group of friends into a system I have devised while listening to this episode.

  11. John Shannon says:

    I love the Fantasy Oscar talk. If you’re really concerned about boring people, maybe use it as a closing segment of the Movie Journals so they don’t clutter the Main Episodes? That way you have Movies, TV, then Fantasy talk so people who aren’t interested can tune in or out for whatever and the Maine Episodes are cleaner.

  12. John says:

    Please continue with the fantasy awards season stuff. Not because I care, because I don’t. Rather, I enjoy it for the sheer human drama of Tyler vs. David in terms of angst over whether people care or are interested. I couldn’t care less about fantasy awards, but I always enjoy the segments because I always enjoy the angst both Tyler and David seem to share over whether it is something worth talking about.


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