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  1. Juhani Kenttä says:

    For me it’s Vera Farmiga. I’m sure she’s great, I just can’t help it.

  2. Alex says:

    *looks at episode topic, length, and guest*

    this gone be good

  3. Chris Mosher says:

    I love the alot of the post twilight movies that both Kristen Stewart and Robert Paterson have done. Cosmopolis and Personal Shopper are really good movies and both are carried by their leads and I would never had thought watching the first Twilight movie.

  4. Beth says:

    Man, this was one of those episodes where I just want to start talking at my podcast player. Basically, I agree wholeheartedly with disliking Jared Leto and Miles Teller (look at that face!), and I also went through the McConaughey cyle of dislike-like-dislike. Kristen’s comment about Eddie Redmayne’s fishy face was spot on, and I dislike him as well (he does this thing with his lips in “Fantastic Beats,” where he’s sort of biting them, but not, and it’s all I could see in that movie). Also, I don’t remember who said they don’t like Bryan Cranston in movies (or in general really?) but you’re not alone, I feel the same. Even seeing clips of his acting post-Breaking Bad I can feel the waves of Acting emanating from him and it’s just uncomfortable. As for actors you didn’t mention that get to me, I think one is Bella Thorne who keeps getting put in my face and talked about like I should know/care who she is and I keep looking for the reason she suddenly became a “thing” and I can’t find it.
    Also one note – David, you edged a bit toward mansplain territory when you corrected Kristen’s example at vocal fry. She was doing vocal fry! But she was also kind of doing up-speak. They can go hand-in-hand. (& to be clear the mansplain accusation is a joke).
    OH ONE MORE note – whoever said they don’t like Kristen Ritter because she keeps getting cast as tough, badass women, that’s kind of funny to me because I know her more through her small role on “Gilmore Girls” and the sitcom “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23” which fits her “pixie” persona you see for her. Maybe check them out?

  5. Marko says:

    I feel like if this was done like 7 years ago, Michael Cera would have been mentioned.

  6. alex says:

    My partner hates Patrick Fischler, and this has become a real source of contention in our marriage. Whenever he shows up on screen — whether it be on Mad Men, Lost, or Franklin & Bash — she looks away and asks if she can turn the channel. I myself love the Fisch, and if you ask anyone in the south Georgia public school system, they’ll tell you about it. They called me Fisch-head in high school. Patrick Fischler’s number one fan, that’s me.

  7. Caleb says:

    I can’t stand Helen Hunt in nearly anything. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that she always seems to be judging her characters as Helen Hunt the actress. Nearly every role I’ve seen her in she seems to be at a distance from the character she’s supposed to be playing, as if she wants everyone to know that the real Helen Hunt is different from the character on screen, and probably a better person too.

    The one movie I’ve seen that actually utilized this well was Altman’s Dr. T and the Women, which kind of condemns her for being “holier than thou” while at the same time acknowledging that she has every right to act however she wants as an independent woman. I haven’t seen much Altman, but I understand he got a lot of flack for being a bit of a misogynist, is that right? I think Dr. T and the Women could be seen to contain elements of that, but kind of uses what I hate about Hunt to distinguish her as an actually interesting and independent character who Richard Gere’s Dr. T realizes isn’t like all the other women in his life.

  8. Darrell says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a US thing… but I’ve never heard anyone say ‘based off of’ in my entire life. It sounds so wrong to my ear.

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