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  1. Matt Warren says:

    Thanks for the shout out, dudes! Not to make the wicket stickier, but I must point out that I had nothing to do with our amazing Festival bumper that David praised so highly. That piece was done by our design firm partners Pentagram, based on the great Festival key art created by Yoskay Yamamoto. Indeed, the only thing *I* worked on was the Film Independent trailer that David hates so, so very much 😉 100% my fault for not being more clear on this point during two seconds we actually talked about it. And yes, we should probably shoot some new footage for next year!

    Moving on, I believe Never Here does indeed have some sort of distribution which I don’t remember the specifics of. But keep your eyes peeled! I think the director told me it was going to come out some time in the fall.

    Lastly, if anyone’s interested in learning more about this year’s Festival, Films or Filmmakers, I encourage y’all (plug, plug, plug) to check Film Independent’s blog and YouTube channel. Cheers!

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I’m going to blame the awesome, bumping music at the very, very cool and fun lounge for my misunderstanding about the bumpers.

      Never Here does indeed have distribution for the Fall! And we very well may be having the director on the podcast around that time!

      – David

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