Episode 570: The Career of John Mahoney

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  1. It seems likely that you would both really like Tin Men. It’s Levinson at his best, closer in style and tone to Diner than, say, Rain Man. The dialogue is snappy and specific, with a functional blending of the well scripted and the ad-libbed. It’s a period film talking place in 1963, yet it contained a 1987 hit song – and it worked. Also, it does a weird job of dramatizing elements of HUAC via The Maryland Home Improvement Commission. It remains a comedy, but the impact is still felt. This is a horribly under-rated picture, not necessarily great, but good and solid, at the very least. If it wasn’t from Touchstone, it’s the kind of thing Twilight Time would put out.

  2. Ryan says:

    The way the show Frasier explained the character saying his parents were dead was that when Sam came to town and told Martin “Frasier said you were dead” , Martin glared and then Frasier “we’d had an argument, and you were dead to me”. Which is really stupid, but worked as a good joke.
    My favorite thing religious people do online is say either “I’ll be praying for you” or “God bless you” when they’re fighting with someone. It’s basically Christian for “go fuck yourself”. Makes me laugh every time.
    I once saw two women fighting on Facebook and one said “I’ll be praying for you”, and the other one snapped back “no, I’ll be praying for you!”

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