Episode 572: Oscars 2018!

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4 Responses

  1. Mic says:

    Fun episode, as the Oscar round up always tends to be.

    I just wanted to mention a couple of things both, bizarrely, Fred Hitchcock related.

    One – whilst not suggesting a full episode featuring Fred, I for one would not be averse to having him appear on a future commentary track. If perhaps you wanted to select what you consider to be the most essential Alfred Hitchcock films and then invite Fred to provide his insight into his brother’s work, well, take my money.

    Two – for all the talk of Fred’s performances as the MGM lion, by strange coincidence the very first MGM lion was Irish, having been born in Dublin Zoo. He didn’t roar, which may have given away his Irish roots, and perhaps this was a tradition that Fred should have decided to honour to hide his own cockney background.

  2. Caleb says:

    Seriously, no discussion on the two bizarre instaces of the orchestra playing people off? Robert Lopez almost got his speech cut short, until he mentioned his dead mother, but then, BUT THEN, they played off the fucking producers for Shape of Water!!?? How inane is that? They can’t keep the telecast going for (at the most) ten minutes? Such a weird move.

    Love Fred btw, and the idea of getting him on a commentary track is genius.

  3. Scott Milliken says:

    Ian Brill needs at the very least to have a BP Fleet vessel named in his honor, though a Vice Admiralty would also be cause for huzzahs.

  4. Ryan says:

    This very nearly became an episode of Comedy Bang Bang, with Fred Hitchcock. Good stuff.

    As for Tyler’s complaint about a lack of conservatives or Christians in film, I don’t really see many characters that are explicitly liberal, either. And virtually none that are atheist. I just think Hollywood largely avoids politics and religion in films, sadly.
    I saw someone on Twitter complaining about Get Out, saying “keep politics out of art”, which is sad, but not surprising that people would think that way.

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