Episode 580: Johann Johannsson

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  1. Ari says:

    Hi guys,

    I happen to know some people in the Icelandic music industry and what I’ve heard is that Jóhann hadn’t finished the score for Blade Runner 2049. He was dealing with some issues that had alienated his frequent collaborators (like Hildur Guðnadóttir, who took the reins for the Sicario-sequel) and was unable to finish the work. From what I gather Villeneuve released the statement about Hans Zimmer in order to protect Jóhann’s reputation. So I wouldn’t hold out hope for that being released.

    Jóhann was in a number of other band’s in Iceland. One of which was a great synthesizer group called Apparat Organ Quartet. You should check out some of their songs.



    https://youtu.be/WTIAvopghRg?t=20 (you can see him perform in this clip)

    (Oh, and Dís is an Icelandic film, not Swedish)

  2. fuzzy says:

    Loved this episode. Thanks !

  3. Sarah Brinks says:

    I was so sad to hear about his passing, I’ve been a Johannsson fan for years. It was really nice to her you guys talk about his career and his music. Plus it is always fun with West is a guest.

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