Episode 585: Are We Shills?

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  1. Hey, thanks for deeming me a non-asshole. It’s one of my goals.

    To be clear, too, the main reason I even bothered to mention it – because I’m sure I’ve heard it before and forgotten about it 5 seconds after the plunge – was that I’d recently read a response of David’s to something about eating, and his reply made it sound like that kind of thing was something he particularly cared about. If not for that, I don’t think it would have even occurred to me.

    Regarding the Stars Wars, here’s what I’ve learned about “what the fans and real people think,” since the box office is supposed to be so telling:

    The Force Awakens was a juggernaut.
    Domestic: $936,662,225, the current #1 of all time in the US
    Worldwide: $2,068,223,624, currently #3

    Okay. Then Rogue One came out, and vocal fan reaction was along the lines of, “Finally, a *real* Star Wars movie, better than that POS, The Force Awakens.”
    Domestic: $532,177,324, our current #10
    Worldwide: $1,056,057,273, currently #25

    Then The Last Jedi hit, which fans hated so much that at least five of them may have boycotted Solo; a *real* POS, this one, which nobody but agenda driven critics liked, right? Right?
    Then why did more people pay to see it than saw the putative best of these three (according to the canonically entitled)?
    Domestic: $620,181,382, our current #8
    Worldwide: $1,332,539,889, currently #11

    What I’ve learned about “what the fans and real people think,” if we can get anything from what they actually did – paying money to see things – is that the POS The Last Jedi is more popular than Rogue One, which was clearly not better than that POS The Force Awakens. The facts simply won’t unbraid well enough to back up the fan negativity that gets the press. The liking of The Last Jedi is anything but an unpopular, niche viewpoint.

    And re-watches are great. I often trust them more than first watches, for myself and from others, because it’s easier to take a movie as it is, vs. how I expected it to be, when the only expectation it needs to meet is to be the same movie it was the last time I saw it. A lot of clutter can get cleared on a repeat viewing.

    Nice show today.

  2. FictionIsntReal says:

    I always think of a “hack” as someone that lazily churns out content, usually with little talent or thought. So a “hack comedian” tells tired jokes. Old timey newspapermen sometimes proudy refer to themselves as “hacks” because they have to make copy every day.

  3. manish says:

    A little confused by Tyler’s comments re: Leia. So any female character has to measure up to one of the most iconic roles for women in film or not exist at all? Seems a little like exceptionalism. For some people Rey, Rose, Holdo are that important maybe not just older people who have loved and admired Leia for decades

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