Episode 590: Milos Forman

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4 Responses

  1. A_Freudian_Fan says:

    It’s perhaps not surprising that you forgot to mention “Taking Off”, Forman’s first American film. It’s a delightful little movie, very much in the vein of his Czech comedies, but it was such a box-office failure that Forman decided to change course and, since then, shot only “big stories”. Of those I now like “Goya’s Ghosts” the most – it seems the most uncompromising, least concerned with how the audience might react. And Goya is clearly Forman, a spectator to the madness of history more than a active force in it, an artist who has to adapt and make compromises in order to survive and to be able to do what he loves the most.

  2. Egbert Williams says:

    The transgender casting discussion was fascinating for its lack of grounding in anything but the most de rigueur boilerplate of the fanciful left. A non-trans person playing a trans person is the equivalent of blackface? Holy Christ, wake up from such silly “wokeness.” I voted for Obama twice and think Trump is a tragic embarrassment, but bullshit is bullshit, no matter which side is trying to sell it as chocolate pie.

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