Episode 591: Comic-Con 2018 Preview with Angie Han

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2 Responses

  1. Yonah Paley says:

    Completely agree on the music video thing! Nothing against them, and I’ll even watch them occasionally, but it feels like a completely different art form than music. I don’t like showing people music along with the video, because they will forever associate it with the music. They also distract from the auditory immersion music can create.

  2. Patrick Felton says:

    PSA: For those who aren’t invested in the epic NY vs LA debate at the top of this show, discussion of ComiCon starts at about 32:55.
    This is always my favorite episode of the year and this episode marks my 8 year anniversary as a listener.

    Also regarding music videos: The David Fincher directed “Express Yourself” is a fantastic homage to Metropolis which I actually think is better than Metropolis. But as a rule I think music videos numb our aesthetic discernment of music by forcing televisual language onto our interpretation of aural information.

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