Episode 609: Early Action Movies

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3 Responses

  1. bob says:

    possible follow-up episode from your definition of porn – is it the Intent of Art that matters, or the Effect?

    I understand why SCOTUS is reticient to hand down rules outlawing pornography – you want to err on the side of Freedom of Expression, even if a few Guilty go free (so to speak). And if we’re relying on bureacrats (David’s favorite people) to divine “the intent of the artist” to enforce the rules?

    Anyway, you’ve done episodes about Separating the Art of the Artist (Woody/Mel/Polanski) – but i can’t remember if you’ve stated a position about “The Director’s Intent”. For instance: David does not like 22 July for it’s EFFECT of “giving bad views a platform” – even though the director’s INTENT is the opposite of that (as stated in various interviews).

    Just a thought. Can of worms and all that.

  2. bob says:

    have you guys actually *seen* The Train (Burt Lancaster)? It RULES.

    It is to Monuments Men what “Tombstone” is to “Wyatt Earp”. Frankenhemier. Derek Jacobi. Vichy France. And did i mention: A TRAIN?

    It’s got some real cool real stunt sequences and just viceral action. Really great early action movie that still holds up.

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