Episode 638: Long Awaited Sequels

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3 Responses

  1. bob says:

    The Bourne Legacy has some good stuff, especially up until they burn down the house. After that it becomes kinda boilerplate (still some good stuff, tho – and Rachel Weisz is always welcome).

    I always look at a Cash Grab as something a studio does (shameless sequels, etc) – grabbing cash before the opportunity leaves town. Whereas a Cash In is something Actors do (megadeal salary for a sequel – like Hangover 3, or whatever). You have a chit, you cash it in. Maybe this is what David ended up at, i kinda lost the thread after a minute

  2. FictionIsntReal says:

    Tyler seems confused on the definition of a reboot. If it doesn’t throw out established continuity, it’s not a reboot, regardless of the casting.

  3. Steve B. says:

    Independence Day’s sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence was a 20 year wait. It didn’t scream out for a sequel, but it certainly makes sense to have one in the story’s plot. It wasn’t a phenomenon like the first one, and didn’t make the money the studio had hoped, apparently (and not received s0 well), since there are no plans for a follow-up even though the ending was a cliff-hanger that calls for an immediate sequel. It was like “we won the battle, now we have to take the war to them in order to keep them down…let’s go! [roll credits].

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