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  1. Juhani Kenttä says:

    I’ve seen every film based on Bukowski’s writings (Barfly, Factotum, Crazy Love, Tales of Ordinary Madness) and while they all have their merits, I’d say Tales gets the closest to nailing Bukowski’s tone. Sad, funny and strangely beautiful with Ben Gazzara in the lead role keying into a spot-on mixture of a blustering pulp antihero and a pathetic asshole.

    Also, Dean Martin is a great drunk in Rio Bravo! I can’t recall El Dorado as clearly but I would imagine Robert Mitchum was great in that role as well. Apparently the drunk character didn’t make it into the third version of the story, Rio Lobo.

  2. MJS says:

    Regarding the Minari/Golden Globes discussion at the top of the episode: The reason Ingourious Basterds was nominated in 2009 was because it came out during a three year period when the HFPA had changed their rules about this so that American produced movies would no longer be eligible for the foreign language film category which was put in place after Letters From Iwo Jima and Apocalypto were both nominated in that category in 2006, but after 2009 they changed it back to what it was because a bunch of people were angry that the new rules made the movie Sin Nombre inelligible for the category.

  3. I have been thinking about Tyler’s impending New Year’s, and if it were me, I would slowly increase the level of white noise mixed with music, and play it extra loud in anticipation of the fireworks. Some babies love loud noises like vacuum cleaners, etc. Could help a little, at least.

  4. Marko says:

    You know you’ve been listening to BP for way too long when 1) you spend most of the episode wondering if they’ll bring up Tree’s Lounge and 2) the first thought that comes to mind when David mentions the case of at Trader Joe’s is “I sure hope Miley Cyrus is okay”.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Ha! The Miley sightings actually happened at a different Trader Joe’s, though. I go to the North Hollywood one now that that’s opened.

      – David

  5. Lindsey Dunn says:

    Did you guys end up discussing Another Round? I haven’t had a chance to finish yet. It’s a movie released this year about four dudes who give themselves permission to be “slightly drunk” all the time. It manifests in different ways and has some serious moments, but it’s mainly told through a humorous lens.

  6. jaret says:

    you guys forgot:

    cat on a hot tin roof
    changing lanes
    cool hand luke
    scent of a woman
    true grit (both)
    who framed roger rabbit
    paths of glory
    touch of evil
    citizen kane
    pillow talk
    nightmare on elm street
    written on the wind
    rio bravo
    my left foot
    short cuts
    paris, texas
    gone with the wind

    and key largo!

  7. Titus Welliver killed the character played by Philip Moon in Deadwood.

    He also killed the character played by Mark Pellegrino in LOST.

    Titus Welliver has killed both of the carpet-pissers.

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