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  1. Matthew Louwrens says:

    Fantastic discussion in this episode. I even found the David’s Music Review section fascinating – and that’s as someone who doesn’t listen to non-orchestral music and has never consciously listened to any Kanye.

    To me, I’d suggest that Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac would fit. They’d both been around, but feel like they were basically unknowns until Tree of Life and Inside Llewyn Davis, and then within a year or two were basically recognisable stars.

  2. bob says:

    Colin Farrel, in “introducing” Jeremy Renner’s Oscar Nomination, gave the perfect description of “SWAT” . He called it “A dandelion of a film” which is perfect description of those kind of disposable action/thriller/potboiler movies with no subtext. Not quite the derision of calling a film “Junk Food” – dandelions can be pretty and enjoyable, but they are definitely of little substance and they’re not meant to stick with you

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