Episode 758: Physical Transformations

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  1. Gerry says:

    David, we agree on a lot…conspiracies suck and are currently ruining the country/world. I don’t have a firm opinion either way but even my history professor agrees, the basic premise of JFK being assassinated, given the political context of the time, is not particularly implausible or outlandish :shrug:

  2. Gerry says:

    doh…”basic premise of JFK being killed by forces larger than just LHO” is what I meant. makin me look even nuttier than I already do lol

    • bob says:

      yeah. LHO killed Kennedy, the question is WHY. He had friends who were CIA (Fair Play for Cuba, dallas PD, etc), and George de Mohrenschildt. Google that last name for some real shit

  3. FictionIsntReal says:

    Christian Bale has explicitly stated the view David ascribes to male actors insecure about their profession.

  4. bob says:

    i also recall the press around The Untouchables when DeNiro gained weight to play Capone. For…no reason? I doubt he thought he was winning an Oscar (though, Connery did, so what do i know?).

    Then he got prison-ripped for Cape Fear.

    Christian Bale lost a shitload of weight (as did his castmates) for Rescue Dawn, too.

    Also; Tom Hanks lost weight for Philadelphia, of course. But what he said made him swear off doing it ever again was when he lost weight for the opening scene of Angels & Demons (the most entertaining of the Robert Langdon movies). Apparently he had to (?) look good in a swimsuit. But apparently it was the straw that broke his back.

    Matt Damon’s “weight loss” in The Martian was digital, apparently, but he always talked about how he’d get ripped for Jason Bourne (esp for the last one, where’s especially shredded).

    Vincent D’Onofrio was fairly slender until the 2000’s – he claimed he had “loose skin” around his face from Private Pyle when making Men In Black, which helped the effects there. Great oral history about the best scene in MIB: https://www.vulture.com/2019/06/vincent-donofrios-men-in-black-a-sugar-water-oral-history.html Then he claimed he gained (extra?) weight for Magnificient Seven (and it paid off, though he probably didn’t really need to, since he’s so imposing already). You can see his weight increase (naturally) during his tenure on Law & Order

    I feel like Actors of Color don’t do this as much? I’m wracking my brain to think about a man or woman gaining weight (or starving themselves). Probably a chicken-egg thing – they don’t get as many leading roles. Will Smith for Ali, i guess.

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