Episode 764. Actors Who Retired

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  1. bob says:

    i had the same frustrations with The Tomorrow War – “this should be sillier, or way more serious”

    I get that it’s “about” the serious issue of veterans returning, dealing with PTSD, domestic violence, family values, etc. those scenes basically play like a Kevin Sorbo christian film. Pratt (who produced it), i assume influenced the focus on those issues. Make sure the message gets across, you know? Tack on a final V.O monologue about the importance of family.

    But then we have semi-comic/semi-horrifying bug-fights. As much as i liked Sam Richardson, i kinda feel like his character (and JK Simmons) deflate the tone. That is a welcome relief, as this stupid a movie shouldn’t be asked to carry such weight, but damn: pick one!

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