Episode 792: What Chris Mancini Is Watching

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2 Responses

  1. Julius says:

    Growing up, I lived next to the renown ichthyologist Han Nijssen (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han_Nijssen), who insisted that sharks were not fish. “A shark is as similar to a fish as a cow is to a canary”, was one of his favorite statements with which to surprise people at parties. His argument, if I remember correctly, was mostly based on their skeleton and their DNA, which is apparently very different from (most other) fish.

  2. Ray (@RaySquirrel) says:

    I perked up a bit at the mention of Eric Jacobus. I was a fan of his since the days of Revver. That was a YouTube competitor which was substantially worse but paid its content creators, and then YouTube started paying their content creators. Eric and his collection of stunt performers (The Stunt People) made some of the best martial arts shorts you could ever watch. They also put out a few feature films on no budget. I would argue that Contour is one of the best action movies produced inside the United States!

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