Episode 811: Our Hometowns on Film

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  1. bob says:

    Boston: David Mamet’s Spartan

    Portland is also the setting (anc location) for Zero Effect

    St Louis (my hometown) has been the setting & filming location for a few lesser-known films as well:

    The Layover – William H Macy directed a romcom road trip movie where the two hotties get stuck in STL for a day or two, and take a hot air balloon ride around downtown STL (a completely disposable scene obviously paid for by the tourism board). This is definitely a “make St Louis look pleasant” scene.

    The Empty Man – the recent horror film was shot in St Louis (except for the mountain-set preamble)

    The Big Brass Ring – William Hurt runs for Governor of MO, and spent a fundraising weekend in STL (including a cool party at City Hall). He lives on a riverboat near Laclede’s Landing

    One Night at McCools – John Goodman and Liv Tyler hang out at the oldest bar west of the mississippi

    White Palace – James Spader and Susan Sarandon have a fling, and hang out in what is essentially White Castle but they couldnt’ get the rights

    Meet Bill – Aaron Eckhart & Jessica Alba hang out in University City

    The Informant! – shot in Western Illinois and St Louis. I know they go to Lambert and the Budweiser HQ at one point.

    John Madden’s Killshot – Diane Lane & Thomas Jane are relocated to Cape Girardeau (thru StL) by the witness protection program. Based on an Elmore Leonard novel

    finally, the best/worst film you’ll ever see: The Black Hole, with Judd Nelson and Kristy Swanson. It’s a syfy-level film where scientists create a singularity that starts to destroy the world (starting with, of course, the Gateway Arch). The first shot of the film establishes the scientists’ lab is the Planetarium in Forest Park, but the “military action” scenes were apparently shot in Bulgaria.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      This is a great list! I’m glad that it’s nothing that I forgot, just movies I haven’t seen.

      – David

      • bob says:

        yeah, you can skip most of them – though Empty Man is actually pretty good. And The Informant is definitely good

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