Episode 823: Glass Mailbag

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17 Responses

  1. Adam Jozsa says:

    Does anyone else think Tyler now sounds a little like Scott Nye?

  2. Chris says:

    So wonderful to hear from Tyler today. Best to him and his family. I am sue I am just one of the many many people who have been thinking of him.

  3. Adam B says:

    So great to hear from Tyler. I know this is a scary time for all involved. I know I speak for many listeners when I say yes we absolutely want to hear from you. You’ve been missed and I pray for your recovery.

  4. Juhani Kenttä says:

    Speaking valve or not, it’s truly wonderful to hear from Tyler again. Wishing all the best for the Smith family.

  5. Avery H says:

    Great episode! Would love to have Tyler co-host more in the future. It was really nice to hear the classic BP banter again

  6. Justin Montgomery says:

    I did a double-take when I saw the episode notes. Then punched the air in celebration when hearing your voice. It’s so great to hear from you, Tyler.

    I blurt laughed and then immediately welled up at “Is it too late to go back into a coma?”

    Whenever you feel up to talking/recording, we’ll be here to listen. Looking forward to hearing more, as your recovery allows.

  7. Matthew Louwrens says:

    Was so excited to see the description for today’s episode, and it was as enjoyable as I had hoped. Was so wonderful to hear from Tyler – even if it didn’t sound like his voice, the banter, humour, and thoughtful comments were absolutely him, and made me laugh out loud several times. I’m certainly not expecting every episode to feature Tyler now, but whenever he feels up to it and has something to say, I’ll be excited to hear it. In the meantime, Tyler: you and your family remain in my prayers and my thoughts.

  8. FictionIsntReal says:

    Would I be more “thrilled” if Tyler sounded like he did in his most recent (previous) episode, because he was off the ventilator? Of course! Is this far better than months of no Tyler at all? Also, of course!

  9. Robert says:

    I started applauding as soon as I heard Tyler’s voice, it was so good to hear him and have them together again! We want as much Tyler as he wants to be on right now!

  10. Robert says:

    I started listening to this episode and began spontaneously applauding once I heard Tyler’s voice. Tyler sounds great, and it is great to hear his thoughts on things again. I missed his voice and his discussions with David. Continuing to pray for you and your family Tyler! We want you back on as often as you like right now!

  11. Sabrina says:

    So wonderful to hear you two together again. I’ve been listening since around 2009, and hearing you guys talk about movies and laugh means so much. (The Congo joke killed me, as always.) Wishing Tyler a full recovery.

  12. Thomas J says:

    A bit late to the party but this was a wonderful surprise!!! Tyler has been in my thoughts often since he became ill and after reading about how well he was doing with the speaking valve, I wondered if he might make an appearance on the podcast soon. His voice may sound a little different but his personality comes through loud and clear, and it was so great to hear from him, and to hear the original duo back together! Obviously Tyler’s needs and comfort come first, but I hope we hear him on the podcast as regularly as is feasible.

    David, I was glad to hear you speak a little about how you’re doing with everything in the last Q&A. As much as I’ve thought about Tyler I’ve also realized how tough this must be for you and the whole BP family, and I wish you all the best.

  13. Ray (@RaySquirrel) says:

    It is wonderful to hear Tyler’s voice again. Even though it doesn’t sound the same the humor and personality is still there. Here is to a quick and speedy recover!

  14. John McBride says:

    I’m sorry but this podcast is just NOT tolerable…if no one else is going to step up and say it, I will…I have to take severe issue with the sound of the voice of one of the cohosts, about which I cannot complain enough.

    I’m referring of course to one David Bax, whose cheekiness I find insufferable*. The other guy sounds great.

    Get you next time,


    *Kidding of course. Wishing Tyler better days.

  15. Jackie says:

    It was so great to listen to David and Tyler together again. I didn’t realise quite the effect it would have on me. Having listened for nine years, it was like catching up with old friends. Bitter sweet, but so glad to hear you share your thoughts and experience with us, both of life and movies. Would love to hear more, if and when it works for you. Best wishes to the Smith family.

  16. Rudie says:

    It’s amazing to hear Tyler on the podcast again and that he’s making progress with his recovery. Best wishes to Tyler and his family.

  17. Adam D says:

    I’m catching up on episodes and hearing Tyler put a huge smile on my face! I had happy tears when Tyler reminded the listeners that in Congo, YOU are the endangered species.

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