Episode 842: Summer Movie Preview 2023

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    Patrick Wilson does NOT play that song in any Insidious movie. Instead, that’s the Conjuring series (which are period pieces, hence the selection of Elvis).

    I liked De Palma’s Mission: Impossible for steering away from James Bond tropes. The stakes are just the reveal of classified information, and the motivation is money. No one is trying to blow up the world, which were the very stupid stakes of the most recent film, so dumb that there’s no reason henchman should even be willing to help the baddie.

    Greta Gerwig had already directed more than 2 movies prior to Barbie. She co-directed Nights & Weekends with Joe Swanberg.

    I thought The Autopsy of Jane Doe was also good, and that was outside of Norway.

    Wasn’t Nic Cage in a Left Behind movie? He didn’t get stuck doing that.

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