Episode 844: Movies About Old Hollywood

In this episode, Tyler and David discuss movies about old Hollywood as well as the critical response to the new Indiana Jones movie.

Movies about old Hollywood discussed include Babylon and more!

Battleship Pretension is a movie discussion podcast started in 2007 by Tyler Smith and David Bax. Since then, we’ve done live comedy shows, written reviews, commentaries and more.

Battleship Pretension is a film discussion show and a film review website founded by Tyler Smith and David Bax. Beginning in March 2007, Battleship Pretension the show (known to fans simply as “BP”) embodies the type of laidback, free-flowing conversations had by lovers of film around the world. Battleship Pretension the website is dedicated to being a destination for those seeking worthwhile opinions on current releases, be they foreign, independent, studio pictures, theatrical, home video releases, etc. From its meager beginnings in Los Angeles, Battleship Pretension has amassed a worldwide audience and readership. From Germany to Korea to Australia, people have tuned in to share in Tyler and David’s love of film. As Battleship Pretension’s following continues to grow, the purpose remains the same: Reach out to the international cinephile community, invite them to join in the discussion and perhaps even start one of their own.

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2 Responses

  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    The discussion of “credentialed expertise” reminded me of the distinction between experts and “experts”:
    I read film critics, who help guide what I watch, but there’s not much way to distinguish between the different kinds of “experts” in criticism of subjective art. So perhaps I just read film critics because other people read them and this provides common resources for communication (even if that communication consists of expressing our disagreement with various critics on certain films). In a different equilibrium we could be reading an entirely different set of “experts” with completely different output and there would be no objective way to determine which set was good or bad.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      To some extent, I see where you’re coming from regarding art (though I still think someone schooled in film and its history can offer a lot in terms of context). But I don’t want to dismiss the distrust conservatives feel toward experts in more concrete and consequential areas, from climate to gender and plenty other topics.

      – David

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