Everything is Political, by Tyler Smith

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  1. Ryan says:

    The president represents the government, he’s not just a citizen voicing his opinion. When he encourages a private business to fire employees for expressing their first amendment right to protest and encourages citizens to boycott businesses that don’t comply, that to me is in a whole other ballpark than Bill Maher or Seth Rogen mouthing off. That’s some authoritarian bullshit. And that’s why the NFL reacted the way they did. You said it’s “enitirely possible” that the players wouldn’t have protested had Trump not make his comments, but of course it’s a 100% guarantee that it was in direct response to his comments. We know this because they hadn’t done it any other week in the last year or more since Kaepernick first did it. It reminds me of the Chick-fil-A controversy a few years back. People called for a boycott of the restaurant after the CEO spoke out against gays and gay marriage, but it wasn’t until I believe it was a mayor in San Francisco said no Chick-fil-A’s Will be allowed to be built anymore that suddenly people rose up in support of the restaurant, even many people who weren’t anti-gay. Because he wasn’t just some guy saying his opinion, he was a government official–just like Trump.

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