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Fantastic Fest 2015: High-Rise, by Chase Beck

High-Rise starts with voice-over by Tom Hiddleston’s Dr. Robert Laing. He is discussing, rather matter-of-factly, the current conditions inside his monolithic apartment complex. His conclusion, as he picks through mounds of rubbish and roasts a dog’s leg on a spit,...


Fantastic Fest 2015: Darling, by Chase Beck

From its opening establishing shot of a fog-filled New York City skyline, Mickey Keating’s Darling signifies itself as an inventive horror film. Lauren Ashley Carter plays the eponymous character, hired to house sit an old house. Sean Young (who is...


Fantastic Fest 2015: The Wave, by Chase Beck

In Norway, there are many impressive and breath-taking vistas: mountains; valleys; complex coastlines abutted by precipitously tall cliffs; narrow sea inlets surrounded by steep cliffs. I have never considered the effects of erosion on such cliffs, and the people living...

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