Feels Good Man: Froggy Bottom, by David Bax

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  1. Ray (@RaySquirrel) says:

    “Yes the alt-right uses Pepe because everyone uses Pepe.”

    As one Joe Rogan guest explained.

    The only reason that Pepe is associated white supremacy is because a twitter user by the name of JaredTaylorSwift told a CNN fact checker that it is, and the fact checker believed them:


    The filmmaker of seems to be extraordinarily biased against Chan culture in general. How do they know that it is (mostly) “directionless, white, men” Did they do a survey?

    4chan is an anonymous message board anybody can post mostly anything as long as it is not illegal. Chan culture, along with the Internet in general, can be acerbic and but that is because it has no filter. You can get a lot of chaff but you also get wheat.

    You know Zeal & Ardor? That band’s lead singer got the idea for the band from, guess what. 4chan! He asked a board what kind of music he should make and an anon suggested a mix of Black Metal and black music (Only they didn’t say “black” music). And instead of being indignant, Manuel Gagneux served up a blend of black metal and African-American spirituals, and created one of the most interesting Metal bands of the past decade.

    The response to Chan culture by the mainstream press, politicians, and moral crusaders, seem similar to heavy metal in the 80s. It is a moral panic which prays on the fear, ignorance and prejudices of a populace who are too lazy to do their own research or want a convenient scapegoat. And before you say, “heavy metal never attracted any Nazis!” May I remind you “Lords of Chaos” exists. Sharing a Pepe is a sign that you are a part of an culture separate from the mainstream, apart from the “normies.” Which is what young people have always done.

    Richard Spencer donning a Pepe pin is just an attempt for him to pretend for a brief period of time he was hip and “with it.” But that was fleeting. Steve Bannon’s supposed support for the “alt-right” was exploded. The American Prospect interview (Which subsequently got him fired) showed Bannon calling ethno-nationalists like Spencer “clowns” and “losers.” Which is probably why Spencer is now endorsing Joe Biden.

    And just off topic, 4chan got its name from a manga called Yotsuba! A story about a quirky girl with hair that looks like a 4-leaf clover. It is written by Kyohiko Azuma who wrote the source material for Azumanga Daioh, one of the most wholesome and funny anime series ever created.

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